Excellent news for the Colombian real estate market! :

“Tinsa, a Spanish firm focused on valuation, analysis and real estate advice acquired the consulting firm Zala Colombia Ltda and ensures that for the years 2015 and 2016 real estate will grow significantly, taking also into account the plans the Government is developing in order to help this growth.”


“The Colombian market has high potential, and the real estate and mortgage sectors will continue to grow significantly in the coming years,” said Joaquín Monge Royo, Director of Tinsa.


Meanwhile, general director of Tinsa Colombia, David Jimenez, said that prospects for the country and, in general, the local real estate and mortgage sector, are positive over the medium term.


Another factor associated with the status of the country, according to Sandra Forero Ramirez, President of the Colombian construction Chamber (Camacol), “until 31 October 2014 housing sales showed an annual increase of 4%. What can be expected is that the price will continue to react to the market forces, in a country with a housing deficit that affects more than 10% of the population and household formation that is 42% higher than the production of housing.“

Source: El Informador

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Great news for the value of properties in the Guatapé & El Peñol areas. This is an article recently published in the Colombian press:

“Promote tourism and boost the economy, which both are affected in times of little rain at Guatapé and El Penol, are the main goals that the municipalities of the area, the town hall, EPM and Cornare, are planning to reach with the touristic project which will begin the approval procedures in 3 months.

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